MD Barnmaster – Serving the Carolinas since 1972

How Do You Build A Better Barn?

For centuries, farmers and horse lovers have been asking one pivotal question: “How do you build a better barn?”

We have spent over 30 years perfecting that answer and the result outperforms the average barn in every way:

  • A better barn is chew proof, kick proof, and darn near fireproof
  • A better barn can handle heavy snow loads, high winds and teeth rattling earthquakes
  • A better barn will be constructed in a way that makes chores easier
  • A better barn will be built with functionality and style in mind
  • A better barn will have the option of custom living quarters
  • A better barn will be built to last, but also built to be affordable

Custom Amenities and Style Options

Your options are boundless!  Perhaps the real advantage in choosing MDBarnmaster is our ability to fully customize your barn.  From interior to exterior you will have your dream barn!

So the real question is, “How will you build your better barn?”

The MDBarnmaster Process: You chose your barn, now let’s build it!

  • Every Barn is engineered to local standards
  • Schematics are provided for a hassle-free permit process
  • With the stamp of approval, the manufacturing process begins
  • Your contractor begins site preparation including site grading and concrete

Now, The Real Excitement Begins!

Once you’re manufacturing is complete, your barn is shipped from our manufacturing facility, and your contractor will install your barn in just days. In most cases your new barn is built in as little as eight weeks from design approval!

Our barn experts will provide a hassle free design quote, design and initialization of your barn!

You’re just a few steps away:

  • How many horses do you care for?
  • What does your dream barn look like?
  • Is your barn located in an extreme climate?
  • What is your ideal budget?

These are the areas that you’re Barnmaster representative will cover with you in order to furnish a full and complete quote for your custom barn!